Rider protocol

Staging Protocol
Riders will be staged according to posted seeding policy. Riders qualified for the call-up shall be staged separately. Elite men and women only will be introduced with their mechanics. Once introduced by the announcer, mechanics will present bikes to riders en route from staging area to start area. Failure to report to staging tent will result in relegation to back row. All other riders will be staged by their bib numbers. When called, riders are to proceed at a WALKING pace from the staging area to the start area.

Awards Protocol
Riders finishing in the top five of every category shall report IMMEDIATELY to the podium waiting area. Failure to report to podium within five minutes of finish will result in a fine of $50. Only riders and event staff are allowed in podium waiting area. NO EXCEPTIONS. Mechanics must post bikes in the “winner’s rack” within five minutes of finish. Mechanics are to stay with the bikes until after their rider’s press conference.

General Protocol
Riders are expected to behave appropriately at all times. Swearing, vandalism, reckless behavior, drunken behavior, or disregard of course rules will result in immediate revocation of race number. No refunds will be given.

Rules formulated/courtesy New England Cyclo-cross Association

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